About Us

Who we are


The growth of virtual items and microtransactions have been enormous over the last few years. The prices for these items or microtransactions are often twice the price of the game itself. We understand people want these exclusive in-game rewards, but we also see how they are too expensive for many. Therefore we came up with the idea, CoinGain.

We started providing a service directly targeted towards the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, however, we quickly came to realize this had the potential to reach a much broader audience. Now we have expanded our service for not only gamers, but also others that want gift cards to shop at their favorite place, cryptocurrencies to start their crypto adventure, or just direct PayPal cash to spend on whatever you want.

We’re excited for what the future has to bring, and we will continuously be pushing out updates and new features to keep CoinGain the leading platform in the GPT industry

  1. The idea

    23 September

    With the growth of virtual items and microtransactions we see a problem. In-game items & microtransactions are too expensive. The idea of a site such as CoinGain is born.

  2. Development starts

    October 5

    The first version of CoinGain is under development.

  3. Website launches

    October 21

    CoinGain has officially launched. Few users start to visit. The growth has started, and we’re excited to see the website in action.

  4. 10.000 Users reached

    February 3

    We reach 10,000+ users on our website. A huge milestone for us at the time.

  5. Major Revamp

    March 25

    The website’s user interface gets a brand new look and loads of new features was added.

  6. More Functions Added

    March 29

    Exclusive features such as Daily Reward, more withdrawal options, and brand new offer providers gets added.

  7. 50.000 Users reached

    April 27

    We reached another milestone. 50,000 users registered, and we’re still growing.

  8. The future of CoinGain

    Today, we have over 70,000 users from all around the globe. We believe this is just the beginning. We’ll always keep the website updated and make sure we are the leading website in the GPT Industry